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Topic: ARCH 317
Time: Oct 9, 2020 10:00 AM Istanbul

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Assist. Prof. Dr. Ayça Özmen


Course Description

This course is one of the elective courses offered in the undergraduate program, which is specialized in the area of conservation of cultural heritage. It will provide student a general knowledge on historic environment and its conservation, by analyzing and discussing urban conservation, concept of urban, archaeological, rural, mixed, historic sites and neighborhoods, urban archeology, cultural landscapes, historic towns and villages, rural heritage, new design in historic context, heritage management planning, related issues and new trends.

Teaching Policy

This course is planned as a lecture and discussion course. Each week is dedicated to at least one notion of historic environment.

Theoretical information, which will be supported by leading case studies, will be explained by instructor and students are expected to discuss the subject with their own comments.

After each lecture, students are supposed to present news about related subject of last lecture. These works will be discussed among students and according to their approval, they will be published on a blog created just for this course. Students are also supposed to submit presentation about an historic settlement related to the theme of the course at the end of semester.  Each student should study a different settlement.

Class participation is encouraged during the lecture hours.

Course Web Page

The web address for this course is: webonline/ARCH 317                                                               

All course materials will be uploaded and monitored via online platform of the course. Students are expected to visit frequently the online platform of the course for all announcements, changes, grades, syllabus, handouts, assignments, additional requirements and materials such as list of recommended references, readings, lecture notes, useful websites, maps, drawings, etc. They are also expected to submit their works to webonline to the related folders in time.

Assist. Prof. Dr. Ayça ÖZMEN